Airgun Upgrade Parts

Standard shipping prices: $3.00 for orders under$25, $6.00 for orders $26.00-$75.00, $10.00 for $75.00 and above.  Insurance is extra.

Breeches: Long, Regular and Riser with Choice of handle

Barrel Band: Aluminum & Stainless Steel 1/2" Coming soon 2250 band

Barrel Band: Aluminum & Stainless Steel 3/8"

Bolt Handle: Ball Shaped

Bolt Handle: Tear Drop Shaped

Bolt Handle: Cylinder Shaped

Stainless Steel 2240 CO2 Cap Stainless Steel 2250 CO2 Cap also 2260 available 2240, 2250, 2260 tube sets (2250 shown)
2250 Stainless Steel Tube in Matte Finish 2260 Stainless Steel Tube High Polish with PCP holes pre-drilled Stainless Steel 22XX End Cap
Stainless Steel Power Adjusters: Cone (Shown), Stacked, Circular Shapes Rear Site Holder Discovery Muzzle Brake
Stainless Steel Fluted Hammer Stainless Steel Trigger w/Reduced Friction Device Stainless Steel 2250 Barrel Band


To order parts click here or email orders to  Note: Parts are currently being made to order.